What to study

How do I choose my subjects?

We provide a comprehensive careers advice and guidance programme in the sixth form that will help you get to where you want to be. But the first step is making sure that your subject choices are what you will need when making your post-18 choices. The only way to make sure this is the case is through research. You should definitely look at the post-18 choices section of this site, as well as the sections about university and degree apprenticeships. You can also go to university open days and don’t forget to make the best use of any school events where you get the chance to meet employers – including our careers fair.

We have such a huge variety of subjects for a sixth form provider, that we are confident that you can be anything you want to be.

What are the entry requirements?
Entry requirements are specific to each subject and are detailed on Kent Choices, which is where you would make an application. All of our subjects are level 3, which means that they are accepted by universities and apprenticeship providers. Usually, you’d be expected to choose three courses, but we will discuss that when we invite you in for your advice interview and ensure that you are studying the number and combination of subjects that suits you.