UCAS Covid-19 STatement

This statement is intended to give context to universities about the provision that Wrotham School Sixth Form gave to our students who are applying for degrees starting in September 2021 (or 2022 with deferred entry).

Important information:

  • Our school closed from Monday 23rd March
  • It fully re-opened in September
  • A programme of remote learning for sixth form students was provided, using Satchel:One (Show My Homework), email and some Zoom lessons (this was not consistent across all subjects). At the time of lockdown, we did not have Microsoft Teams enabled, but this was rolled out in June.
  • From 15th June, students were allowed in school for face-to-face teaching, but we could only safely provide for one sixth form class per day. This meant that it was rolled out as a blended learning programme, but they received 1-2 in-person lessons per subject.
  • Pre-Public (Mock) Exams scheduled for June were cancelled.
  • Wrotham School is rural – while we are close to the M26, a large number of our students rely on public/school transport to get to school from surrounding villages. This impacted some students’ ability to attend the few in-person lessons that were provided.
  • Our rural location also means that some students have issues with internet access.
  • Laptops were distributed to those with no equipment at home, but this took time and most students in need were reached by the end of June.
  • Year 12 students missed out on planned activities, including Work Experience, which was due to happen in July. There was also an impact on our normal programme of UCAS guidance.
  • Any clarification can be sought by emailing kparry@wrotham.kent.sch.uk