The IBCP Explained

International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme

The IBCP is a blend of academic subjects and career-related courses; it is a globally recognised programme that encourages candidates to become effective learners who can work both independently and in a collaborative environment. IBCP students get the opportunity to earn extra UCAS points through the reflective project.

In order to qualify, students should choose one of the three combinations below:

Combination 1 Combination 2 Combination 3
Two IB courses (at either Standard or Higher level)


Two vocational subjects

Two IB courses (at either Standard or Higher level)


One vocational subject


One A level

Two IB courses (Higher level)


One vocational subject

With this combination, students get the opportunity to earn extra UCAS points through the Reflective Project – a research project on a topic of their choice that is related to their vocational learning. See our current prospectus for more ideas about what subjects you might choose which would mean you could be a part of the IB.

They also have to complete the IBCP core, which all of our students undertake as their enrichment programme, regardless of whether they choose the IBCP combination of courses.  The only exceptions are our Pro-Soccer Academy scholars who have a different enrichment programme. There are three parts to the IBCP core:

  • Service learning. Where students undertake a project that is intended to serve their community.
  • Personal and Professional Skills. Where students undertake a range of activities intended to develop their skills for the workplace and higher education. This includes a week-long work experience placement at the end of Year 12.
  • Language Development. Where students learn about a new language and culture – our students work closely with Action on Hearing Loss and are learning British Sign Language. They have the option to complete an online qualification at the end of the program, which they can add to their CV.

Please click here to see the IBCP Student and Parent Guide.

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Testimonials from other Kent Schools on the IBCP programme:

“The IB was great preparation for university and I feel that it may be one of the reasons why I coped so well with university life. It teaches students to organise their time efficiently by juggling an increased work load with sports, hobbies as well as other commitments such as prefect duties.”

“The IB gave me a broader education which helped me at university as I had to use Maths, English and Science throughout my degree course. The IB programme meant that I was able to acquire more in-depth knowledge of Biology and Psychology at Higher Level, but my written work was of a good standard thanks to my perseverance with English.”

“After much agonising, I decided to do IB and I have never once regretted it. The IB syllabus is new and modern, it teaches you practical skills essential to everyday life.”