The IBCP and University

How does the IBCP compare to a traditional A level/vocational programme of study?

When most students apply for university, they have three or four level 3 courses (A levels or equivalent vocational courses). The IBCP allows students to follow a programme of two level 3 vocational courses with two IB courses (which are also level 3) and the reflective project. Each of these elements earn UCAS points – add them together and you get your total – just like if you were studying separate qualifications. Universities around the world are familiar with IB qualifications and it is a highly regarded programme globally.

How will I know what specific subjects to choose?

When you are searching for specific university degrees (e.g. medicine, zoology, architecture), look up the course on the UCAS search tool and look at the entry requirements. Selecting ‘International Baccalaureate’ on the left hand side will tell you if they want you to study a specific IB subject. Again, this works in exactly the same way if you were studying A levels.

How do the UCAS points compare with other courses?

The table below tells you how many UCAS points each grade will earn in different courses.


Which universities accept IBCP students?

All British universities clearly identify their entry requirements on the UCAS search tool for each of their courses. It’s really important that students (regardless of their courses) check these before applying and, if the university’s description is unclear, you can contact their admissions department through their website. Below is a selection of some universities and other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that have already accepted IBCP students, but this list is not exhaustive and there are many more to which IBCP students can apply.

If you wish to apply to study at a US or Canadian university, IBCP schools have reported that students who complete the whole IBCP programme (not just the IB subjects) have been accepted straight into the second year of a degree course. Please see our Study in the USA pages for more information.

IB and university

What if I have any more questions?

Come along to our open evening on Wednesday 8th November (5.30-8pm) or speak to Mrs Hollinshead, Mrs James, or Ms Williams.