Sixth Form News


Bryony Mott, Jack Codling, Megan Storey and Jordan Austin won 2nd place in the national final of the Young Consumer of the Year 2016! We couldn’t be more proud of our sixth form students – especially since last year’s team won 5th place. More details to follow.


We are very proud to announce that Bryony Mott, Jack Burnage, Jordan Austin and Megan Storey have won the South East regional final of the Young Consumer of the Year competition, run annually by Trading Standards UK. They are now entered into the National Final in Westminster on the 9th and 10th of June. Last year, our team came 5th nationally, so we are really excited that our new team have reached the same high level in the competition.

Good luck in the national final!


James O’Halloran has had success in his first tournament playing for the England Schoolboys’ U18 football squad. The team have won the Boys’ U18 Centenary Shield which is contested by England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The team won all four of their matches and James was really proud to have played a part with his first goal assist in an international match as part of this tournament.  Congratulations!

JO April 2016 U18 Win

WELCOME BACK – 11/04/2016

A warm welcome back to all of our students and staff who return from their Easter break today. Well done to all of our year 11, 12 and 13 students who attended the 5 days of revision sessions in the 2nd week of the break; over 90 students per day attended the sessions in preparation for their upcoming GCSE examinations.


There will be regular and numerous after school study and revision sessions in all subjects every week in this term. Good luck to all of our students as they start the final term before the exams.

This website now has A level revision support here (this includes your exam timetable), and subject-specific links here.

If you would like any details of revision and catch up sessions please contact Miss Kelvie at the following address:

We will continue to develop the website, wiki, Twitter and Facebook page to ensure you are kept up to date with all the events, opportunities and news at Wrotham School and we encourage you to check in regularly.



Our Extended Project Qualification students put on a fantastic evening, explaining and evaluating the projects that they have been developing and writing for the past five months. In the audience were parents, subject teachers and members of the senior leadership team who were all full of praise about the quality of the work and the pride the students showed in their studies. If you are in Year 12 or Year 11 and would like to find out more about the EPQ, please speak to Miss Hollinshead.

The presentations were as follows:

Jordan Austin: Will military intervention from the West create positive change for the people of Syria?; Georgina Barnes: To what extent can gender-stereotyped toys affect a child’s future?;Lauren Candler: Why do women become serial killers?; Jack Codling: Is crime a product of our up-bringing and environment? A study of the source of deviant and criminal behaviour; Magellan Dissanayaka: Is there a link between childhood trauma and the development of psychopathy later on in adulthood?; Rachel Keys: What makes a person stay in an abusive relationship?; Daniel King: Antibiotics: Are they causing more harm than good?; Marianne Kleywegt: Does sexism exist in ballet towards men, and if so, what are the causes and effects of this sexism?; Edward Malloy: To what extent can the population boom in China be described as positive or negative?; Bryony Mott: Is alcoholism a contributing factor to unemployment and how does this contribute to mental illness? Kerry Scouler: How does social media affect the way in which teenage girls see themselves?; Megan Storey: To what extent can English renaissance theatre be said to have challenged Jacobean society?



We are proud to announce that we managed to raise £1,815 for Sport Relief! This was a whole school total raised through a huge variety of activities including a staff netball tournament, cross-country challenge, a football skills workshop with 100 student led by Pro Soccer Academy, and a football match between our Pro Soccer scholars and the school staff (the final score was 3-0 to the scholars). Well done, everyone!

Sport Relief 2016


WORLD BOOK DAY – 05/03/2016

A massive well done to Mrs Patt and members of SPA who helped to organise World Book Day at Wrotham School this year. The fancy dress day was a resounding success with lots of fantastic contributions from staff and students in Year 7 and 8, but most importantly, we raised enough money to send a class set of books to a school in Africa that will be chosen by the charity. Fantastic work!


TIME TO TALK DAY – 04/02/2016

We took Time to Talk today in the staffroom and Study Centre to raise awareness of mental health and as part of Time to Change’s campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Our Time to Change team organised the whole day after a week of planned activities and external speakers. Excellent team effort, everyone!

TTC 2016



Congratulations to all of this year’s university applicants – and there are lots of you! Remember to choose your final courses by 4th May 2016.



Mrs Cheval has organised a number of visits to local universities this year, giving our students an opportunity to get a personalised tour with talks specifically for Wrotham Sixth Form. Megan Storey reflects on this trip:

‘I’ve been to plenty of open days and university visits with the sixth form; most recently, I went to Canterbury Christ Church University with the school for a tour and a few seminars that introduced us to budgeting and what courses they offer. Our tour guide, Charlie, was a 3rd year Psychology student and told us about a company called UniTemps that  works from the school’s library and allows students to get paid for doing tours and helping at open days. This is another way that people can fund their own way through university and it was really helpful to hear because he had not heard of this service before. We spent some time analysing their prospectus, and in groups we all picked a course to research and learn more about. As well as this, we had a visit from Tolu, one of our ex-students. It was great to see that he was fitting in well!’

The next trip is to Bucks New University at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday 4th November. Please ensure you have received your letter from Mrs Cheval by the end of term 1.



The atmosphere was electric in the Study Centre as our students collected their results and had their university places confirmed. We are delighted that all of our students who applied for university have been successful and are studying such a vast array of courses, from Architecture, to Forensic Science, to Law, to Journalism, to name just a few. We also have a great success in the number of our students who have been successful in applying for cadetships and apprenticeships in even more varied subjects, from Events Management, to Business Administration, to Web Design and Quantity Surveying.

We’re immensely proud of our students and wish them bright and happy futures. If you’d like to read our press release,please click here. If you’d like to see reporting of our results day in local media, please click here.



We had to keep this secret until broadcast, but the staff leavers video that we made for our Year 13 leavers assembly was featured on CBBC’s Newsround in an article they did about the social media trend. Miss Hollinshead was so excited when they called to ask permission to show it, but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone! We’d like to thank the staff who gave up time after school to give a special goodbye to our students – and can’t believe it’s received over 4,000 views on YouTube already!Here’s a link to the montage that Newsround made for their article (the actual news clip is no longer available) and here’s the video if you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen it.


Every year our students amaze us with their creativity, ideas and talent, and this year was no exception. Parents, staff and members of the public were treated to some incredible pieces of work that students had invested hours of effort and skill into creating. The approaches to the themes were diverse and imaginative, from topics such as mental health, to the coast – one of which included a live goldfish as part of the work! We’d like to extend our congratulations to the students and our thanks to Mrs Stewart and the art department who have worked so hard to support them. If you’d like to see some photographs, please click here.


We are really pleased to announce that we have exceeded our target to raise money for our chosen charity, Megan’s Wishlist, which was founded in the memory of a dear friend of our sixth form students, Megan Fox. This local charity aims to help and support the families of children with terminal illnesses and a lot of our students are active supporters and fundraisers. It was selected as our charity for this year and we have contributed over £1000! A message from Megan’s parents can be read hereand Miss Hollinshead read it to our Year 13 students at their end of year prom. Well done, everyone!


A team of four of our Year 12 students, Lewis Dunkley, Dan King, Megan Murrell and Rob Young, went to Westminster for a two-day national final of the Young Consumers of the Year competition, run by the Trading Standards Institute. They won fifth place, beating hundreds of schools from around the country and we couldn’t be prouder of them! Just in order to reach this national final, they had to win the regional final, the Kent final and the South East final, so this has involved a lot of hard work and ingenuity over a year. If you’d like to read Mr Williams’s account, please click here. If you’d like to find out more about the competition, please click here.


What a way to say goodbye! We had a wonderful celebration of the past two years, with photographs from Year 7 onwards, messages from staff who have since left the school and even a visit from one – Mr Beckham. We are so proud of the journey that all of our students have made, but this year group in particular have shown they are resilient, caring and able to achieve anything. It’s not uncommon for teachers to want to ‘shout from the rooftops’ about how proud they are of their students, but when we shared your story, we found so many others who were equally impressed. We had messages tweeted to us from celebrities of stage and both the large and big screen (you can read them on our Twitter feed @WrothamSixth). We had one particularly heartfelt message from Julie Hesmondhalgh, the actress most famously known for her roles in Channel 4’s Cucumber and as Coronation Street’s Hayley Cropper. You can read that message in full here.  Letter from Julie Hesmondhalgh

Good luck everyone – we’ll see you on results day.