How to Apply

How do I apply for the sixth form?

All of our applications are taken online through, otherwise known as Kent Choices 4 You. If you are a Year 11 student from a Kent school, you should be registered for your account by your school in early November.

If you are from a school that is outside Kent or you are in Year 12, looking to change sixth forms, you will need to self-register and create an account in order to apply. This can be done on the same website.

If you would like to speak to us before making an application, please either call the school on 01732 884207 or email Mrs Hollinshead on and we will be happy to answer your query.

What happens after I send my application?

All candidates will be invited to visit the school. Interviews are informal, because our aim is to explore whether we can meet your needs. If you are applying from another school, you should bring your most recent predicted grade report. You can come on your own or bring parents/carers with you. At busy times in the interview season, we cannot guarantee a tour of the school on the same date as your interview. If you would like to arrange a tour of the school, please contact Mrs R Martin on

The best time to apply is November-January of Year 11. We can, of course, deal with enquiries right up to the first week of Year 12 in September, although popular courses may be already over-subscribed, so the earlier you apply, the better for you. If your GCSE results are not as you expected and/or you change your mind about your subject choices, you should still come to see us on results day (or contact us over the telephone) so that we can adjust our offer.

How do I apply for the Pro-Soccer Academy?

This is not an academic course in its own right and does not carry a qualification – it is an opportunity to train and play with one of the top training providers in Kent, Pro-Soccer Academy. It involves a time commitment every week (rain or shine!) including weekly fixtures during the majority of the school year. Academic progress must come first – this means that training privileges may be withdrawn for a set time if you fall behind in your studies and need the time to improve.

In order to apply, you will have to have made an academic application to the sixth form to study three courses at Level 3 (equivalent of A level) and will need to contact Pro-Soccer directly in order to arrange a trial. Their contact details can be found on their website

What if I have an application at another school or college?
You may be having second thoughts about an application you have already made and it might be that the provider has already made an offer which you have accepted. You are still able to change your mind! You are not officially enrolled at any provider until you start the term in September and even then some providers will take late applicants in the first couple of weeks after term starts, so you can change your mind.
We look forward to your joining us at Wrotham School.