Extended Learning

Apart from the obvious reason for extending your learning (the fact that there are some awesome ideas out there!), there are lots of practical and very persuasive reasons to get involved with supercurricular activities and learning:

  • It gives you a deeper understanding of topics and you can apply new ideas to achieve the higher grades in your exams and coursework.
  • It can expose you to new careers or university subjects that you didn’t know about.
  • University and Degree Apprenticeship applications expect you to write academically about your wider reading in your personal statement.
  • In interviews, you’ll usually be asked your opinions on a range of topics or situations and having a wider range of ideas at your disposal will help you stand out.

Supercurricular is an adjective that means the activity or learning adds to your learning or your understanding of a subject and is in addition to your class work. It’s different to extracurricular activities (volunteering, music, sports, etc) because those are usually outside of your academic learning – while these are very important in helping you develop all sorts of valuable skills, universities and some employers like to know that you go the extra mile for your learning as well.

Here are some examples of the kind of activities you can complete – follow the links for advice, examples and recommendations:

Wider Reading Online courses

Work Experience Speak to people