Dress Code

6th From Dress Code- Review Outcome 

In light of student voice feedback and in response to expectations in the modern workplace we have reviewed and made changes to our 6th form dress code. The basis of these changes is to reflect our high standards of appearance whilst adapting to the range of subjects and career pathways our students are following. We have adapted the policy to reflect a “smart casual” standard by making the following changes that will come into force from term 2.

Smart/ Casual

6th form dress should reflect the expectations of the modern day workplace. Sixth form dress should be modest, neat and smart.


  • Suit, Shirt and Tie
  • Skirt, blouse, jacket
  • Smart shoes


  • Smart jeans (at our discretion).
  • Smart cardigans
  • Waistcoats
  • Open collar shirts
  • Dresses

Not Accepted:

  • Bright/ Sports trainers/ White trainers
  • White Socks
  • Polo shirts/ T- Shirts
  • Vests
  • Items with large or highly visible logos or slogans.
  • Shorts (we will accept tailored shorts in the summer).
  • Leggings – (without a skirt covering)
  • Torn or ripped clothing/ denim jackets or shirts.
  • Sports kits/ tracksuits/ sports-wear.

Pro- Soccer students are able wear their official tracksuits on match days (Wednesdays).