At Wrotham School we demand the highest level of attendance and punctuality from every student. Regular and ongoing attendance will provide the opportunity for each student to develop their full potential during their time at school. The school governors, parents, all staff and students must do all in their power to ensure this objective is achieved in line with the legal framework governing attendance and punctuality.

Although there is no legal framework for Post 16 attendance and punctuality, Wrotham School students are expected to have an exemplary record of attendance in order to support their learning. There is more information in Appendix 8 of the school attendance policy.

Parents wishing to monitor the record of their son/daughter’s attendance can do so using the SIMS parent app. If you are yet to receive log-in details for this service, please contact the school at

The attendance policy can be viewed here.

Contents are as follows:

  1. Statement of our principles
  2. Roles and responsibilities of all members of our community
  3. The school response to truancy and poor punctuality
  4. Support for students with long term medical conditions
  5. Holidays in term time and leave of absence requests
  6. Rewards and Incentives for outstanding attendance
  7. Legal framework governing attendance
  8. Attendance and punctuality for post-16 students