Application Process

How does the application process work?

We have a tried-and-tested application process that supports you from the moment you submit your application. It consists of several steps:

  • Creating an informed curriculum. We have a huge variety of subjects on offer which means that we can tailor our offering to you. We don’t decide our option blocks until December/January, giving us a chance to listen to our early applicants, but also to survey employers, universities and apprenticeship providers, asking for their advice about the combinations of subjects they are looking for.
  • Detailed information about our offer. Please visit our e-prospectus to view all of the Level 3 courses we offer in our Sixth Form for September 2023. This e-prospectus will include all of the course content as well as the type of Level 3 Qualification. There are detailed explanations of what the courses involve, including a breakdown of subjects covered and what each course might lead to in the future.
  • A guidance interview Once your application is in, interviews will take place via telephone with a member of the sixth form team.
    These interviews are informal, because our aim is to explore whether we can meet your needs and answer any questions both you and your parent/s may have. We will include career guidance during this interview to advise you on the best options to choose from. These usually take place between term 5 and term 6. If you are applying from another school, please have in mind your most recent predicted grades from your subjects.
  • Real experience of sixth form lessons.  We usually have our induction days in June (after your exams have finished) so that you can get to know more about your subjects and make new friends – especially if you’re one of the high number of applicants who come from other schools to join our sixth form. This will be subject to confirmation in the current Covid-19 pandemic.
  • An open conversation. We think it’s important not to treat an application in November as a ‘done deal’. We know that you will have all sorts of experiences and conversations throughout Year 11 that might mean that you change your mind about what courses you want to study. This means that you can contact us at any point to let us know what changes you would like to make.
  • A trial period. In September, you will start your timetable properly. You need to know whether you are going to be happy on a course, but also whether you will be successful. We do everything in our power to make sure that you can answer yes to both of those questions in the first month of your time with us.