Year 12 (2017-18) Trips Letter

For students who will be in Year 12 for 2017/18. Please read this letter: Sixth Form Trips 2017 2018

Action needed: Please complete and return the permission slip and contribution, following the instructions on the letter.

Rather than ask for ad hoc contributions towards trips every few weeks we have planned the schedule of visits and activities which form part of the statutory careers information, advice, education and guidance (CIAEG) across year 12. These are the compulsory elements of the programmes of study in year 12.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills Fest visit
  • UCAS exhibition
  • London day trip
  • Young drivers course
  • Barclays life skills
  • University visits
  • Pathway Careers events (CTM)

There will be other trips that do incur a cost from subject areas but these do not apply to every student and are therefore not included in this list.

We fund as much of this as possible and there are some events that have no cost but it is necessary to ask for a contribution of £40 per person. We hope you will agree with us that this is excellent value for money, given the volume and variety of opportunities. Should there be a surplus at the end of the year it will be refunded.


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